WOFFF – Women Over 50 Film Festival 2021

Screening Dates:
Fri 14 May 12:00am
Fri 21 May 12:00am

Sponsored by CityFibre

Directors: Evgenia Golubeva, Jessie Leong, Julie Carter, Helena Middleton
Starring: Julie Middleton, Lisa Harmer, Rasheeda Ali, Sheila Bilgen

Available to stream at home from Friday 16 April

Women Over 50 Film Festival (WOFFF) champions and showcases international films by and about older women. Now in its 7th year, WOFFF creates a film community centred around older women and inspires younger people to re-think ageing and see creative potential in an often-invisible demographic.

Northampton Filmhouse is delighted to partner with WOFFF for their virtual Best of the Fest programme, which is packed with award-winning films of witches, warriors and women who roar!

The fantastic line-up includes Russian animation The Witch & The Baby (directed by Evgenia Golubeva), I Am A Fellrunner (directed by Jessie Leong and Julie Carter), inspired by Carter’s poem about the mountains of Cumbria, and My Mama, A Man (directed by Helena Middleton), a documentary about a woman turning 60 who who wants to be a ‘man’ for a day.

The programme continues with the great documentary Becky (directed by Nicola Cross), intriguing British drama Lady What Does (directed by Sara Jordan), and the experimental Don’t Shoot The Messenger (directed by Bianca Malcolm).

Following this is the stylised dark comedy SWING (directed by Natacha Horn), the inspirational documentary The Honey and Bears (directed by Veena Rao), about a senior synchronised swim team, and Porcelain (directed by Roswitha Chesher), depicting a lifetime together through household objects.

The Last Egg (directed by Sue Bridge), an animated reflection on ageing and the menopause, is followed by the documentary The Woman Who Planted Trees (directed by Elspeth Parsons), about a semi-nomadic tree planter in Scotland and Wine Lake (directed by Platon Theodoris), an Australian drama about innocence, poetry and connection. And lastly, CHAMP 5 (directed by Paul GattoDavid Jester and Kathleen Strouse) takes us into the world of competitive fish packing in the search of the title ‘The World’s Fastest Sardine Packer’.

Stream on demand for £9.99, including access to a Q&A with Felicity Beckett and filmmakers Jessie Leong, Julie Middleton, Nicola Cross, Sara Jodran, Lisa Harmer, Natacha Horn, Ailis Logan, Kathleen Strouse and Paul Gatto. You’ll have 48 hours to watch the film. 50% of the streaming fee goes towards supporting Northampton Filmhouse. All shorts have subtitles and closed captioning.

Please note, while WOFFF – Women Over 50 Film Festival 2021 is listed on our website and we receive a share of the rental fee, the purchasing and rental agreement is between you and the film distributor for each movie.