The Mole Agent

Screening Dates:
Fri 22 January 12:01am

Sponsored by CityFibre

Director: Maite Alberdi
Starring: Sergio Chamy

Available to stream at home from Friday 11 December

Sergio is a spy. Sort of. At least, he is offered the role of one after a casting session by Detective Romulo, a private investigator who needs a credible mole to infiltrate a retirement home. His client is worried about how well the care home staff treat her mother and wants the Detective to find out what is really happening.

However, Sergio is 83. Although he’s keen to learn about new technology and spying techniques as a distraction, following the death of his wife, he’s not the fastest trainee Detective Romulo has ever had. But what could be a better distraction than some undercover spying action?

While gathering intelligence, Sergio grows close to several residents and becomes the heart and soul of the care home community. Yet, beneath the dance parties and leisurely afternoon strolls, the elderly spy realises that the menacing truth is not what anyone had suspected.

Maite Alberdi‘s The Mole Agent is a stylish, striking and often humorous blend of observational documentary and spy movie, with sleek cinematography and wonderfully watchable characters. Offering a window into the lives who often remain unseen, this unique meditation on compassion and loneliness will infiltrate your heart and never let go.


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