Screening Dates:
Fri 27 May 8:30pm
Mon 30 May 7:00pm

Socially Distanced Screening: Fri 27 May 8.30pm

Director: Laura Wandel
Starring: Maya Vanderbeque, Karim Leklou, Günter Duret

Nora (Maya Vanderbeque), an anxious 7-year-old, must return to school despite her distress and longing to stay with her dad (Karim Leklou). Despite Nora’s age, she soon becomes responsible for her older brother, Abel (Günter Duret), who is being tormented by the other kids.

This puts Nora in a quandary – should she tell the adults or remain silent out of solidarity with her brother? Once Nora discovers Abel soaking wet, she feels compelled to take action, but just makes things worse. The authorities at school generally turn a blind eye, and her father remains powerless, kept at a distance from the confines of the school. An eventual confrontation between Nora and Abel leads to a startling climax.

French with English subtitles