The Captor

2018| 15| 92 mins| /

Screening Dates:
Fri 26 July 8:30pm
Tue 30 July 8:30pm
Thu 1 August 2:15pm

Director: Robert Budreau
Cast: Ethan Hawke, Mark Strong, Noomi Rapace

The Captor is based on the absurd but true story of a 1973 bank heist and hostage crisis documented in the 1974 New Yorker article “The Bank Drama” by Daniel Lang. The film follows Lars Nystrom, (Ethan Hawke) who dons a disguise to raid a central Stockholm bank. He then takes hostages in order to spring his pal Gunnar (Mark Strong) from prison. The hostages develop an uneasy relationship with their captor, this connection gave rise to the psychological phenomenon known as “Stockholm syndrome”.