Brian and Charles

2022| PG| 90 mins|

Screening Dates:
Tue 16 August 12:00pm

New screenings on sale Tue 9 Aug at 5pm

Director: Jim Archer

Starring: David Earl, Jamie Michie, Chris Hayward, Louise Brealey, Lowri Izzard, Mari Izzard

Brian (David Earl) lives alone in a remote village in the countryside. Something of an outcast, he spends his spare time inventing things out of found objects in his garage. Without friends or family to rely on, Brian decides to build a robot for company. ‘Charles’ (voiced by Chris Hayward) is not only Brian’s most successful invention, but he appears to have a personality all of his own and quickly becomes Brian’s best friend, curing his loneliness and opening Brian’s eyes to a new way of living.

But Charles creates more problems than Brian bargained for, and the timid inventor has to face-up to several issues in his lifeā€”his eccentric ways, a local bully, and the woman he’s always been fond of but never had the nerve to talk to.