Filmhouse At Home – A Common Crime

Director: Francisco Márquez
Starring: Elisa Carricajo, Mecha Martinez, Eliot Otazo, Cecilia Rainero, Ciro Coien Pardo

Available to stream at home from Tuesday 13 April

The superb psychological thriller, A Common Crime, is Latin American cinema at its most potent and profound. Intimate, intense and increasingly claustrophobic, Francisco Márquez‘s thought-provoking drama is as unnerving as it is politically astute.

Cecilia (the fantastic Elisa Carricajo) is a single mother and professor of sociology at the University, who lives comfortably thanks to the help of her houseworker Nebe (Mecha Martinez). One stormy night, Nebe’s fifteen-year-old son, Kevin (Eliot Otazo), knocks her door in despair. Scared to let someone she barely knows into her house, Cecilia ignores his pleas.

The next day, Kevin’s body is found in the river and Cecilia discovers he has been killed by the police. Haunted by the ghost of the young man, and spiralling towards a breakdown, she is plagued by the unshakeable guilt of her failure to help. Torn between the concepts of idealism and the reality of taking action, Cecilia’s experiences piercingly embody the consequences of generations turning a blind eye to the long history of disappeared people in Argentina.



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