The Magic Flute

1975| PG| 137 mins| / /

Screening Dates:
Sun 27 January 2:00pm

Director: Ingmar Bergman
Cast: Ulrik Cold, Josef Köstlinger, Irma Urrila

Bergman‘s film of Mozart’s masterpiece The Magic Flute is one of the greatest screen versions of an opera ever made. Shooting in Swedish on a set replicating a lovely 18th-century theatre, Bergman begins this wonderfully warm, witty and sensuous movie by focusing on the facest of a rapt audience (momentarily including his own) enjoying the overture. Thereafter, as the (abridged and intriguingly amended) tale of Tamino, Pamina et al proceeds, he highlights the piece’s exuberant theatrical illusionism, at the same time deploying close-ups to enhance the emotions conveyed by an excellent young cast. An admirably light touch is applied throughout, making for a performance of musical excellence, dramatic vitality and enormous, effortless charm.

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