2018| 15| 148 mins| / /

Screening Dates:
Fri 22 February 6:00pm
Sat 23 February 6:00pm

Director: Chang-dong Lee
Cast: Ah-in Yoo, Steven Yeun, Jong-seo Jun

Burning tells the story of three individuals and a mysterious incident they experience. Jongsu bumps into an old friend, Haemi, on a part-time delivery job. Haemi asks Jongsu to take care of her cat while she leaves on a trip to Africa. When she returns, Haemi introduces Jongsu to Ben (Steven Yeun, The Walking Dead), a man she met in Africa. One day, Ben and Haemi pay Jongsu a visit, and Ben reveals his secret interests to Jongsu.

The film has been shortlisted for Best Foreign Language Film at the upcoming 2019 Oscars.


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