Bad Reputation

2018| 15| 93 mins| /

Screening Dates:
Fri 23 November 9:15pm
Mon 26 November 6:30pm

Director: Kevin Kerslake
Cast: Billie Joe Armstrong, Kathleen Hanna, Joan Jett

Bad Reputation chronicles the life of Joan Jett, from her early teenage years as founding member of The Runaways to her enduring presence over four decades later as a Rock ‘n’ Roll icon.

Jett’s relentless passion for music and her revolutionary spirit has allowed her to defy great odds and find success, credibility, and respect among her peers. The film shows the evolution of a young girl with a radical notion that girls could play electric guitars, into a woman whose place in history will be marked by perseverance, authenticity and incredible Rock ‘n’ Roll.

Jett’s activism and commitment to all living beings are captured in her work on behalf of animals’ rights and travels to war zones to entertain the troops. Her humanity and candid reflections reveal a side seldom seen of the seminal rock star.



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